This page is dedicated to the extremely overcrowded list of faces that is Sinister Turmoil

Singleplayer Animatronics

These are the normal animatronics that are shown in Singleplayer:

Sinister Freddy

The Front Man

Sinister Bonnie

The Secondary

Sinister Chica

The Ruthless

Sinister Foxy

The Rejected

Prototype Freddy

The Reborn

Prototype Bonnie

The Shrouded

Prototype Chica

The Fool

Sinister Balloon Boy

The Hollow

Sinister Marionette

The Crooked

Sinister Fredbear

The Spark


The Unknown


The Tricked

Singleplayer Humans

Nathan Robinson

The Victim

Multiplayer Animatronics

These animatronics are only available in Multiplayer:


Back to basics


The first to hunt


Let's Eat!


Sorry, out of order!

Funtime Freddy

The Funtimes never end

Fangame Animatronics

Fanmade Characters exclusive to Multiplayer:

Candy the Cat

Everyone needs competition

The Rat

Come along with me


The Next Generation


AI only takes you so far

Ignited Freddy

We're very angry

Ignited Chica

You'll burn for this

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